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Kensington is a gated community in Naples, Florida, comprised of 563 residences (272 coach home condominiums and 291 single-family homes). We are located on the south side of Pine Ridge Road between Livingston and Airport-Pulling Roads.

You may view a site plan of the community using this link: Kensington Site Plan Link

Owners within Kensington are required to be members of the Kensington Park Master Association, Inc., (KPMA HOA). This website is intended primarily as a resource for the members of the Association. The KPMA HOA does not solicit for or promote in any manner the sales or rental of private real estate property within the Kensington community.

The Kensington Golf and Country Club is located within the community but membership in the club is not required. You can visit the Club’s website using the following link:

Board Mission Statement

The mission of the KPMA Board of Directors is to ensure and enhance Kensington as an outstanding community in which to live. To accomplish this mission, the Board will undertake the following objectives:

Maintain the appearance and functionality of the common elements to protect and enhance the value of the Community.

Ensure that owners’ properties are constructed and maintained in accordance with the Covenants, Architectural Planning Criteria, and Maintenance Standards of the Association

Promote safety throughout the Community by restricting access to authorized individuals, periodically patrolling the Community by Access and Patrol personnel, enforcement of Association traffic and parking rules and regulations, and by other means adopted by the Board.

Conduct all operations of the Association in a responsive and transparent manner in accordance with the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, Declaration and Bylaws and in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and code.

Execute the financial affairs of the Association in a prudent and transparent manner.

Maintain the quality of life for residents by enforcing property use restrictions and Board approved Rules and Regulations.

Promote a strong sense of community involvement and pride.

Board of Directors

Grant Karnes


Brian Manion

Vice President,
Director Access & Patrol

Fred Miller

Director Finance

Matt McColl

Director Finance

Becky Johnson

Director Communications

Guy Daubert

Director ARB

Tim Putman

Director Infrastructure

Frank Clesse

Director Landscaping

Jayne McNearney

Director Finance

Bill Kottman

Presidents Council Chair

Peter O'Sullivan

Infrastructure Chair

Anne Nichols

Landscaping Chair

Lois Schoffer

Access & Patrol Chair

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